Client services

Construction projects are complex and involve large sums of money. For our customers, it is generally not normally get involved in a construction project and this can seem daunting without the help of a qualified professional in the field. In their interest, with our knowledge and experience, we take care to manage projects throughout their progress. Therefore, the Board David Leslie, an architect is pleased to offer its services to ensure a smooth and successful client projects, strong expertise and experience gained over the years.

We are attentive to the needs of our customers and we offer them, within budget and in a timely manner, a product that is functional, practical, economical, efficient and attractive, without neglecting the human factors of physical comfort, emotional and social development.

We make everyone aware of our clients it is important to us and that we offer our services as if it were our only client.

The office provides quality professional services at all levels of planning and implementation with the interests of efficiency and harmony that our customers are the primary beneficiaries.

Requirements to be met

In our architectural work we are submitted to many federal, provincial and municipal regulations and norms as to what can be done. Also the responsibilities of the architect and the services that we offer are also ruled by the ‘’Loi sur les architectes’’ of l’Ordre des professions du Québec, as applied by l’Ordre des architectes du Québec and by l’Association des architectes en pratique privée du Québec for the protection of our clients and the general public.

Types of services

Our responsibilities and services are precisely defined and divided between basic and additional services. The basic services constitute our principal work and are divided into five phases presented here.

  1. Schematic design: The goal of this phase is to research an optimal solution to answer to the needs, tastes and the use of the spaces within an architectual framework and budget. This stage is achieved in close collaboration with the client.
  2. Design development: This phase constitutes fine-tuning the concept concerning the structure, the choice of systems and materials as well as the architectural treatment.
  3. Construction documents: This phase is very intensive for us and less for the client who gives their final approval for the documents.
  4. Bidding phase: This stage involves the distribution of the bid documents to different contractors and the declaration of the builder to do the work.
  5. Construction contract administration phase: During this phase the builder has the active role, the implication of the client is minimal and must be through the architect.


We establish an efficient and constructive cooperation with all stakeholders involved in projects from start to finish.

With a proactive approach, we seek to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and problems of all kinds.

Together we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each choice to make the best decision. A choice may be optimal given the present conditions. It is important not to rush the choice because sometimes a change in conditions can result in a revision of a choice that might seem obvious. It is also important to always seek the ideal but of course there may be trade-offs. With our approach, we are assured of making the right compromises.

High availability and personalized service allows us to avoid the frustration that would be due to delays in communications. At the same time, we showed great patience to understand the concerns of our customers and ensure they understand the issues.

Attentive listening is one of the qualities of a healthy relationship with the client. We listen to their needs, concerns, priorities, requirements to be able to better respond. To better understand the client’s reality, we must seek to understand their tastes, habits, interests, lifestyle, hopes, attitudes, etc..

We have coordination meetings to ensure the transmission of information to all stakeholders and we can quickly transfer documents by email or fax.

Team spirit and work methodology

Despite all the experience, knowledge and achievements accumulated over the years, we remain attentive to our customers. We learn from them because they are the experts meet their needs.

Our approach is to involve customers in decision making so that they understand the reasoning behind the choices. We are a team and where there is respect for each other. Everyone is invited to leave his ego in order to better understand the realities and concerns of the other. We make decisions together in order to understand the issues and consequences. With active listening and frank and constructive discussions, decisions are not arbitrary but thoughtful and logical.

Each presents his perspective to ensure that its reality is captured. Because of the magnitude and importance of certain issues, it is important to take time to study them from all angles. Reflection should not be in a climate of stress and tension and the decision should be taken when all will feel at ease and ready to do so.

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