Our Office

Since the founding of the office in 1987, a lot of projects in construction and renovation of various budgets have been achieved. A rich and varied architectural experience has been accumulated over the years.

We discuss various types of project: commercial, institutional, educational, industrial and residential.

Our philosophy is to always look for solutions aesthetic, energy efficient, durable, functional, ergonomic and safe in response to needs. Our decisions are made taking into account their long-term implications without neglecting the human and environmental factors.

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The team

The office consists of a dynamic, experienced and diversified formed on the basis of close cooperation and partnership. It can offer our services for projects with a staff with expertise: architect, architectural technicians, designers and administrative staff.

The beginnings

One of the first design competition the office of David Leslie, an architect who has won and launched its office was the Interpretation Centre Botanic Park in Kingsey Falls. The center consists of two buildings topped with an octagonal roof hinged like the petals of a flower is an organic shape to fit into the gardens.


On the one hand drawing technique as she was always with new sophisticated technology, the office has adapted to modernity. The result: greater accuracy, better quality work, great speed and excellent customer service.

During the evolution of our office, we have successively focused on passive solar energy and energy efficiency and healthy buildings on their physical and psychological recovery and now to business systems to a high quality service .

We have added environmental concerns and the concern for sustainable development by applying as much as possible the criteria for LEED certification.


Our approach is to respect the needs, costs and timing while offering quality and durability to enhance the value and prestige of the entire project. We also always in mind our concern for the environment and our desire to make buildings safe and stimulating at all levels for users while seeking to minimize transaction costs.

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